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    Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

    Original description by nijlandp Title: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Genre: comedy, romance Episodes: 12 Synopsis: Yuuta Togashi suffered from chuunibyou while he was in middle school. When he graduated, he put that dark history behind him and forgot about it... or he was supposed to...
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    Fall Season 2012

    So yeah, blah blah typical lazy season introduction post (someone has to!) BAM! Neregate chart goes here: Impressions in a separate post. Discuss!
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    Issue with main page listings

    I've noticed something recently - every once in a while the main page would list a new episode ahead of release time just because there's a "community" site somewhere that produces a hit on the search. Recent example:
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    Summer 2011 Anime Season

    Courtesy of Chartfag's Den of Lesbian Enterprise: If anyone's bored, feel free to edit my post into a proper season intro with trailers and all. Otherwise discuss, rant, w/e.
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    Title: X-Men Japanese title: エックスメン Original run: 1st April 2011–17th June 2011 (12 episodes) Original creators: Jack Kirby, Stan Lee Animation studio: Madhouse Studios Official website (Japanese): Seiyuu cast Aya Hisakawa as Storm...
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    Summer 2010 Preview

    Soo, summer is upon us, since recently, as is the new season. Once again, I'm no authority on making long and detailed previews threads like Kit or JCD are, so I'll just dump some links I found and my expectations here. Feel free to move this stuff around...
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    Eien no Aselia English patch released!

    It has happened, not so long ago: While it's gonna feel like a serious downgrade from Seinarukana (I've been tackling the jpn version of that for a while, beat it 3 times now, working on 4th), now that it's released in English I don't have a good excuse to not play...
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    Spring 2010 Preview or Have different series on them, so I figured I'd post both. Sorry, I can't be bothered to do a detailed description this time round, so hopefully someone else on the...
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    Happy New Year!

    新年快乐! That will be all
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    Legend of Koizumi the Animation

    Coming this winter, webcasting some episodes now, DVD release in February. Yeah, Legend of Koizumi's getting animated. Liked the manga for its sheer GAR and AWESOMEness. Imagine Koizumi playing a game of Mahjong against Putin. Hopefully, this'll be fun. Cast...
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    Anime lists and rating discussion

    MOVED FROM THE ANIME RECOMMENDATION THREAD. As for MAL, I personally like ANN's encyclopedia and rating system more, it's a lot more detailed and better-weighed. And the site doesn't have pop-ups. Plus, now that I've put all the effort in it I'm not likely to move it. It's still publicly...
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    Megaupload fail?

    Have any of you guys experienced problems with MU recently? If I start the DL automatically, it creates a 149KB file and doesn't even start DL; if I use a DL manager, it goes at a snail speed of unter 10 Kb/s while giving a "network unreachable error". Anyone have the same issues? Any known...
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    The Rance Series

    Just cause I thought we needed this thread. The guys at Yandere have finally finished up their translation patch, too. So what's up, has anyone been playing this? I just got through true history, and am now working through the "kill the monkey" bonus route to gather more points before plunging...
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    Website/Forum slow?

    Hi all, has anybody else been getting a lot of errors recently? For the last few days, I can't even get to the main page (not to mention anywhere else) without getting this: QUOTE An internal networking error has occured: a server on the cluster could not be reached. Looks like the server is...
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    Going to China. Suggestions?

    Hi eveyone, I'm going on a trip to Shanghai for about a 5 weeks or so, and then for a short trip to Beijing. Aside from studying, I will have lots of free time, so I thought I should visit some places ripe with anime. Now, I've heard about Wenmiao Lu in Shanghai, but I know very little beside...