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    another member has gone missing. same deal as sasha a few months ago. active member, suddenly missing, we wonder what's happened, etc. let's see if we can find him and make sure everything's ok.
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    upload space

    i've run into this problem lately: i'd like to upload an episode or two of anime somewhere so one or more people can download it, but i don't know of a good method. it needs to be free, of course, have decent up and down speed, and support approximately 170MB files (just an average anime ep)...
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    i was just wondering what happened to sasha. she hasn't been around in a long time. she's probably just doing other things, but i know she was having a rough time so i thought someone could see that she was ok. i submit that a moderator, someone who kinda knows her, should email her just to see...
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    gundam quiz!

    not really, i'm just curious as to what gundam series this video comes from. it's a gackt video, "metamorphoze," and it's all animation from some gundam show and ugly CG. who can tell me what series it's from?
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    honey & clover

    this first episode was hilarious. i'm definitely looking forward to the next one. the little girl was weird, but funny, especially the korobokkur part. morita was just incredible. i don't know if it's his hair or just his craziness, but he reminds me of yotsuba's dad from yotsuba-to. that is...
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    AIR TV

    ok here's the deal. AIR is my favorite anime right now and i have to see this episode, but i'm not going to waste this site's bandwidth trying to download it when i probably won't even be able to. that's why i'm asking if anyone can send it to me over aim or something once they get it. i'll owe...
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    school rumble?

    i dunno if school rumble has ever been on this site, but it looks like a great show. what i've read of the manga has been hilarious, and i heard the anime was good too. it seems strange to me that it's not hosted here ...i keep seeing avatars with the girl... anyway has it been licensed or was...