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    Rewrite 2nd Season: Moon-hen / Terra-hen

    Very rare I enter this section now a days but had to be the one to start this thread.
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    Wild Dreams!

    The other days I was chatting with someone over some Tea and Scones who I hadn't seen since High School - the wonders of bumping into people in a candle store -. Anyway we got talking about what the other was doing now, usual conversational crap. Anyway we started talking about his job and how...
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    Cage of Eden

    Title: Cage of Eden Mangaka: Yamada Keiyou Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Survival Synopsis: A plan crashes on an Island. Fear takes over and the survivors are forced to live on an unknown island with creatures that were once considered extinct while solve the mystery of the island. Ive...
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    Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden

    Title: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden Mangaka: Kenj Taira Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Martial Arts, Shounen, Super Power Parent Story: Naruto Serialised In: Saikyou Jump Synopsis: A story about Rock Lees ninja training. As some of you may know Jump released another magazine which...
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    Title: Judge Categories: Drama, Horror, Psychological Author: Tonogai, Yoshiki Artist: Tonogai, Yoshiki Serialised in: Shounen Gangan Serialised from: Janurary 2010 Synopsis: "What is your crime?" From the author of Doubt, it's time for a new terrible game, Judge. Hiro's brother Atsuya is...
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    Mangapodcast Recruitment

    Right its as the title says. Im planning to start up a podcast which talkings specificly about Manga, im sure we will probably digress into other areas but this is for Manga mainly. I want a few people who enjoy reading manga and are up for discussing them with other like minded people. I...
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    Salarymen of the Dead: FTV Style

    Right its simple were going to create our own zombie appocolypse tail Using FTV members! Right the story is simple. Its a Zombie Apocolypse! And all of FTV are working in a huge 50 floored office building. And we all work there in a cubicle each (roughly 30 cubicles to a floor not nessiasrily...
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    Metallica Metalluca

    Title: Metallica Metalluca Mangka: Mizuno Teruaki Genres: Action, Adventure, Shounen Serialization: WSJ Status: On Going In a world where rare metals drive the economy, "Minea", the people who seek out these metals at the risk of their own life, are highly respected. A strange boy called Ruka...
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    [No Image as of Yet] Title: Beelzebub Categories: Comedy Author: Ryuuhei Tamura Artist: Ryuuhei Tamura Serialised in: Weekly Shounen Jump Serialised from: Feburuary to present Synopsis: A strong delinquent from a school (a teenager named Oga), accidently finds a baby which quickly becomes...
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    Licensed Manga List

    This thread is to let you all know what Manga series are currently licesensed and CANNOT be requested for in the Manga Request Thread Note: This List isnt Up to Date yet and is Slowly being compiled. 11th Cat – Yen Press 13th Boy – Yen Press Air Gear - DelRey Alice on Deadlines – Yen...
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    Fansub TV Awards #5

    Rules: - You must cast your vote before Jan 31st 00.00 GMT+1. - You can edit your votes as much as you want (make sure to highlight the "edited by" in Post Options). - You must make the votes you edited a different color. (green or blue) - If you don't know a person for the award leave it...
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    Change 123

    Title: Change 123 Categories: Martial Arts, Comedy, Ecchi Author: Iku Sakaguchi Artist: Shiuri Iwasawa Serialised in: Champion Red Serialised from: 2005 - Present Plot: Motoko was with her mum until she died, who final words were that Motoko would be raised by her '3 fathers'. Each of these...
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    Tekken The Movie

    Well i was browsinga and i stumbled onto a Tekken Movie! Couldnt believe my eyes when i read it. Im a huge fan of the games with my fav characters with Kazuya Mishima and Bryan Fury, so boy was i happy when i read about this. But after abit of checking around different places it turns out its...
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    Erm an Error

    not really sure if this counts but i found this odd, i was browsing randomly after mistakes, spam etc and pressed the Sempai online list and noticed this: It says that there is a Guest logged as a Sempai, ive refreshed a couple of times but its still there so i was wondering if its a...
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    CL Prediction Game

    ~{}{Rules}{}~ Guess the right result = 3 points Guess the right winner = 1 points Guess on a draw, wrong result = 1 points If you don't guess then you by default guess 0:0 Prediction must be made before the start of the matches. Predictions are final! So lets start the guessing shall we. Ill...