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    With the Spring For Fansub style.
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    Front page but in MATV default style. Note the 3 column width, this is the default.
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    Front page in MATV Full Dark style.
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    The lower half of the page, with date counters and the Facebook widget which is not working at present.
  5. FTV 2021 Update - Portal

    FTV 2021 Update - Portal

    Images from our development server
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    Looking at the 'Doll' post, the red 'Anime' block is the thread prefix, in this case clicking on it navigates to the article and not the prefix, rendering the prefix somewhat pointless on the front page, however it will still be useful within the forum section. The 'Anime' in blue text and...
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    New front page design using the EWR Porta by 8wr. The top full width item is the feature slider, it has a video (Meiko Vocaloid PV edit by Xtokash), it plays automatically but is mute by default. The next row are articles, using the attached images as the header. The third row contains more...
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    what are you doing?

    I agree with the Citrix ending making hypervisors, or everything to be honest, not a fan of Citrix these days lol. Linode uses KVM with their own front end, they used to use Xen but moved to KVM and found it had better performance. FTV's main sites run on a KVM hypervisor. The only reason I...
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    what are you doing?

    No problem, I know what its like, I keep wanting to do all sorts of things yet a lack of time and/or motivation just seems to kick in and things keep getting put off. That really sucks, I had actually looked at trying Xenserver again recently, and I think I got a 404 for a link and was thinking...
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    Episode Summary Remake our Life! Episodes 5-6

    For some reason I can't quite place, I have now put this series as top priority on my viewing list... and totally an unrelated coincidence it has some very cute maids... I'm also really liking the art style.
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    what are you doing?

    Apologies everyone for not replying recently, I was ill 2 times (different things) and been busy dealing with some other issues, some on FTV and some not. Also apologies for suggesting an anime watch club and then not doing it, if anyone wants to take it over, feel free, I'd rather it go ahead...
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    What are you watching?

    As the title suggests, tell us what you are watching. This is the anime watching version of the 'What are you doing?' thread. Whatever episode or movie etc you just watched, tell us about it! Use spoiler tags for anything that might affect a person who has not started watching it yet...
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    Falcom announce Trails of Zero and Trails of Azure localisation!

    I love the art style, I see that it says all platforms and seems to show a PC logo as well, I certainly hope so as I don't have a PS4 or switch.
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    what are you doing?

    When I was operating the streaming service on MATV (/stream/ in the url) that was Crunchyroll providing the service, which of course they are licensed to do for all their animes, the way I did it was to basically direct the viewer to Crunchyroll's viewing page, so their advertising etc was...