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    My new Wallpaper hobby

    Been pretty busy, i keep forgetting what animes come out what days, so i decided to make myself a useful wallpaper that lists series i am currently following: Spring 2012 Line-up Summer 2012 Line-up
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    Toradora Couple

    Who do you want to see get Ryuji in the end? Ryuji x Taiga? the loli choice. Ryuji x Minori? the crazy one. Ryuji x Ami? the hottie! Ryuji x Kitamura!? The secert yaoi ending! or do you just want to not see Ryuji end up with anyone for one reason or another?
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    Fansub TV Competition #31?

    Since DoR invalidated Comp30, can we get a new comp rolling? or how about this, Comp31's theme just be the same as Comp30's theme. I dont think there is a rule that says the new theme cant be the same as an older comp's.
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    Where is best of 2008?

    Where is the thread with the votes for the various 2008 animes? i cant seem to find it.
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    How many mangas do u follow?

    how many ongoing mangas are you following? remember, completed mangas dont count. I suprised myself when i realized im following 80 mangas . im now looking for 20 more to make it an even 100 My List:
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    Ga-Rei pic Request.

    I need pics of the ga-rei beasties that the girls control. Like yomi's big beast. Plz help
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    Cowboy Bebop Live Action Movie(2011)

    Wow...really? I have mixed feelings about this... They finnally picked a good anime to make a live action film of, but...will they #$%& it up? Its hollywood, and a high profile actor, it must be getting a decent budget. Im gunna hope it all goes well ;D I wonder who they are going to get for...
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    Fansub TV Awards #5 Disscussion

    Well since i cant find 1, i made 1. What members are female?
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    The Tower of DRUAGA -the Sword of URUK-

    The Tower of DRUAGA -the Sword of URUK- Jan 08 2009 The continuation of Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk I found the above image while going through my routine sites, it looked interesting so i looked it up. apparently it is an anime coming out this season, And its a sequel. So i was...
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    Asu no Yoichi/ Ashita no Yoichi

    Jan 08 2009 A boy swordsman, Yoichi and his father stays in mountain training for his descent from the mountain. Yoichi comes to the city to lodge and stay with 4 beautiful sisters. A new more severe "training" regiment awaits him. Manga is called, "Ashita no Yoichi!" at least thats how the...
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    File Upload Sites

    There are ALOT of file upload sites, soo many, that it is not worth it to sign up for a preimum(pay) account. Since you would need to sign up with 4-5 just to cover half the anime community. But, if the Anime/Manga communtiy as a whole, decided on 1 site, would you sign up? I dont know how...
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    Yakuza Girl

    Yazuka Girl Genre: Ecchi, Horror, Martial Arts, Romance, Supernatural Senguu Fumihiro is a young boy that made a promise to his dying grandmother to find a good wife for himself. With this intention he enrolls in a prestigious school but on the first day his world turns upside down when all...
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    Resident Evil - Degeneration

    Resident Evil: Degeneration Anyone else see this? i thot it was real good, like watching a resident evil video game, except no gameplay and the entire thing is cutscenes. Kinda weird tho, a japanese movie that is made and produced by japan is released in english? Tho, i guess it sort-of makes...
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    Looking for certain types of brushes

    Im looking for brushes of Roses, kinda like the ones they put behind anime characters when they are extremely beautiful or cute. Kinda like Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge or Ouran High School Host Club. does any1 have brushes like that? Also looking for Bubbles, like the ones they use when a...