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  1. Maiku_Ando

    Fansub.TV & Maikuando.TV - Styles & Themes

    Back in 2016, Fansub.TV and Maikuando.TV merged to share upgraded forum software, in short FTV had a great community, and MATV had the software, it made sense to merge. It also made it a lot easier to manage the site(s). Both have been working great using different styles. Roll on to 2020, it...
  2. Maiku_Ando


    Maids are awesome, this is truth, it cannot be denied. This thread is dedicated to the world of the Meido ! Some of my favourite all time Maids: Mariel (Hanaukyo Meido Tai) Mahoro (Mahoromatic Automatic Maiden) Maria (Hayate The Combat Butler) Elenore Baker (Madlax) Post your Maid pictures...