Anime scene backgrounds - how is it made?


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In anime, the background is drawed in different style than the characters. The backgrounds have more texture, shadows etc.

To draw anime characters everyone know how. But the backgrounds has a lack of discussion about it.

My question is: How is the process of making the anime backgrounds scenes? Probably they make it on computer, but how? softwares, painting process etc?



It depends on what setting you want to place your character with. With some backgrounds, say a restaurant with bright lights in a nighttime city, you would sketch out the basic components of what you want there (chairs, tables, windows, etc), and then give it some base colors, much like how you would do it with a character. It starts to deviate from the same process by textures you would normally see (wood, ceiling effects, food, etc.). Sometimes this is totally skipped and you just go with at most solid colors with shadowing/lighting layers (which is usually the most case). For a more common approach, use the same range of color shading as you would to the character.

For reference, take a look at CG scenes of visual novels. For example:

You can practically imagine the character as part of the background since shading, lighting, and shadowing are all within the same range of colors the artist used.

Anyways, like characters, you start off with a sketch (or if you have a tablet, start the sketch there and then ink it immediately). When it comes to giving it color, however, it depends on how you want to do it (solid, surreal, or photographic, etc.). I'm more of a photographic/surreal type (photographic - blurs you would normally see when you focus on something with a camera; surreal - think "very magical/unlikely scenario"), so I use SAI or OpenCanvas.

My Question for you: What scenario would you want your character to be in? It all depends on how you draw your character.
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