April fools' day

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I'd like to address something rather important:

April FOOL Worm:
QUOTE April Fools’ Day is rapidly approaching, are you ready? There is concern this year on my favorite holiday of destruction. Destruction, in the form of malware a “worm” that infects your computer system. The “Conficker Worm” is supposedly going to cause mass havoc and destruction of the Internet and cause a multitude of computer woes.

The worm is said to be infecting over 10 million computer systems world wide, that are not kept up to date with the ever growing security updates. No one knows for sure exactly what the worm will do if anything actually, the conficker worm has been in the wild since October last year.

Microsoft is very annoyed with this worm and has offered a bounty of US 250K, this in turn has security engineers and other digging into the code looking for clues for a cure or the identity of the writer, so they can cash in.

For more information on this worm and how to detect and protect against it check out this PCWorld post that I found it it very informative. If you make sure you keep your Windows and anti-virus definitions up to date and perform regularly scheduled security scans of your systems, you should be fine and able to enjoy Fools day with me!
Source: http://foolsville.net/did-someone-say-april-fools

So yes, there's a virus running wild on the web. Update your firewall & anti-virus and happy pranking.