Banning/Unbanning Issue: IP Tool


Many of you guys are wondering why you aren't getting unbanned as promptly as possible. This is due to the IP tool we use to look up and unban your IP being unfunctional.

This had persisted quite awhile. However, it was moreoverly ignored since the Koushin Scheduler and the Full-Service Download had been the best, rather than the Self-Service Download. However, due to how we relied on this, The Koushin and Full-Service Download methods are also unfunctional to only new releases.

That said, I wish to regard every member to the fact that they will have to use the casual methods of downloading at our rules; one connection per download per IP, minimal usage of download accelerators, and the priority of downloading is "first come, first serve".

We apologize for this inconvienence. Please just cope with us until the issue resolves itself.

The Team
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