Convert mkv to mp4 for x-box 360 w/subtitles


Okay so I've been converting anime to the PS3 w/subtitles but I came into an issue when trying to convert my mkv animes into mp4. The issue is that when I try to play the converted mkv files (now mp4) the subtitles don't show in the picture. Now this maybe that they have to be hardcoded and not soft subs.

I used a program called Gotsent 24 to convert to mp4 with a nice picture it's just the subtitles giving me an issue. If anybody else is easily watching their anime files on their x-box help a brother out lmao. The first step would probably be explaining how to embed the subtitles into the mkv before I convert them to mp4.



-プリムラ こいびと
sooo still need assistant?


There are a few ways. and isn't there a thread like this somewhere else?

First is to re-encode them. This would take a very long time and need a comp with a lot of CPU power. This basically burns the subtitles into each frame. There are many programs out there that will encode subtitles. Encoding usually reduces the quality and the gets extremely complicated and you need to know certain things before you start encoding. For that you many want not want to do an encode.

First off is if you want AVI, which is basically universally accepted and playable on PS3/Xbox 360. Problem with AVI is that it's outdated and has files maybe 50-75% bigger for the same quality. For this, the most commonly used program is virtualdub. You'll have to DL a filter called "VSfilter.dll" and stick it in the program. Second off is .h264 for which MeGUI encoder works really well with and you can insert the subtitles there. .h264 can be turned into a .mp4 file and play on PS3 or XBox360 if you do the settings correctly. If you wish to know more about encoding, it's WAAAAY too much to be put here so go to our FTV-subs irc and we can teach you through and through if we're there or go see our tutorials or something.

This may be a faster solution. I hear that .srt subtitles work on the xbox and PS3. What you will have to do is demux the .mkv file with mkv extract. You should get a video file (.h264 most likely), a audio file (.aac most likely), and a subtitle file(.ass most likely). PS3s and XBox360s hate the .ass subtitle files and prefer .srt. You have to convert the .ass file to .srt (this may make the subtitles lose effects and styling). and then you have to mux them all back together with a program like mp4muxer.

Now this is complicated. You can probably find a program out there that is simple to use, but I haven't seen any that brings good quality without doing all the work above. See our IRC channel(you'll need an IRC program like pidgin, mibbit, or mIRC. You can also go to and go to the channel #FTV-subs) if you'd like help from us personally and our forums can even help you a little about encoding, even though it's a bit incomplete.
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