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This site fully complies with the DMCA, and will honour requests for take downs / removal of IP content.

The site comprises of two main types of systems, our current system and some of which are inherited legacy systems which have been mostly disabled.

The 'Anime Streaming' section (including screenshots), identified by /steam/ in the URL.
This is a fully automated listing based on the official RSS feeds from, all links, streaming, screenshot images, availability information, is provided by and hosted by them and we are not responsible for its content. We DO NOT host any of the images, we DO NOT host any episodes or streams, we are literally just re-formatting the official RSS feeds from to provide a list of recent episodes available to watch on their website. This is provided as a convenience for our members, following any links will take the visitor/user to Crunchyroll's website. The contents of these RSS streams is presumed to be for promotional purposes.

Series description data, air dates, synopsis and related images by MAL - Appears at the top of each /series/ and /stream/ anime page, between the series title and the fold.
This is third party content provided by MAL (My Anime List) from via their API. We are not responsible for its content.

The 'Anime' section, identified by /series/ in the url.
This is a legacy system we inherited, these items are listings of anime series built from various internet sources, including unofficial blogs, and 'Fansubs' databases. We receive meta data, a link and screenshot images from these sources and use them on the site to provide notifications of an anime episode airing. We DO NOT provide any torrents, or downloads or link to any sites that do.
We DO NOT host torrent meta files for download.
We DO NOT operate any 'Trackers'.
We are NOT a Bit Torrent Index.
This area of the website has mostly been removed, the remainder will be removed q1/q2 2020.

Site Purpose
This website is intended to promote Japanese anime and drama to the English speaking world. We are not seeking profit. We are an anime fan community, not a pirate service or torrent service.

Take Down Procedure
If you are, or an agent for an IP rights holder and have found content believed to be infringing, please contact us using the 'Contact Us' link on the bottom of every page.
You can also contact via email on: dmca @ (remove the spaces)
please provide the offending item/url and who you represent.

We would kindly ask that you consider our aim to promote the anime, by showing an image or screenshot we are aiming to promote interest in the anime. As an alternative, we are more than happy to replace any infringing item with an officially sanctioned one, if appropriate.
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