Dropping By to Say Hello Again


Hi guys, Hamasusuke here.

I'm sure not a lot of you guys know me, and that's fine. In fact I believe I should have "retired" as a flair to my name. I haven't been back to this forum in over 8 years or so.

Well, to be frank, I just wanted to know how everyone is doing, and if there's any old faces and names still hanging about in this place. I really missed you all and regret having left to begin with. But alas, life caught up and now I find myself in the zone of the time we call "being an adult" and possessing redundancies we call "responsibilities".

I still watch anime like a ritual to get on, but lately I've been lacking the partners or groups to enjoy discussions with. And back then, I promised I would be back here to try to do that among friends and strangers of the net, however it seems I could not hold myself accountable to even that.

Well, for the moment, I just want to see what's it been like since I left, and what hasn't changed. I'm kinda glad Daft didn't update the forums all too much. It's nostalgic.

If you do happen to remember me, hit me up. Surprisingly, I still use aim (albeit never really uninstalled it from trillian), and I'll probably check for responses here.

Until then, enjoy yourselves here


-プリムラ こいびと

Well welcome back... I mostly lurk though and post every now and then since there really not much active user like in the old days.

As for AIM... less and less ppl on my bl log on it so i turn off the auto start on the software lol.... even daft didnt show up anymore on it but Im on skype... was on msn till they switch to that.


I can tell, you haven't even changed your avatar and such from way back then haha.

I miss the good old days where nothing was serious and everyone fooled around. Even scrimming in CoD4 was a blast. I see n00b still being around though, which is cool.
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