Event: Live Trivia on Sunday

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QUOTE (hamasusuke @ Dec 01 2006, 09:23 PM)Don't forget guys, this Sunday, 11:00AM GMT-8, FTV's second trivia gig is going to happen. Best wishes that you guys do well on this!

Also, just to remind you this is just going through as experimental trivias to see what works best as a trivia. Hopefully, we can recycle ideas along the way.

On the Teamspeak Voice Communication server. Mics are recommended but are not required. For more information on how to use the voice communication server: http://boards.fansub.tv/index.php?showtopi...=20&#entry71182


As stated by daft, there will be a live trivia on Teamspeak today at 11:00AM GMT-8. For those of you coming to this second one, or those who still don't know how it really works, here's how the first Session of the trivia would progress.

1) You will be participating in the Event Room. Here, we will hold the trivia, and later on other events as well. From here, you are recommended to use a microphone. It wouldn't matter if you don't have one; the microphone will serve as a faster relaying medium. Beats typing your answers out -.-.

2) From here, there is review questions to understand if you know much. If you don't, this is how it operates. First of all, be sure you're on your green light status (which is usually defaulted).

3) After making sure you are at that status, be prepared to answer any questions. Now, typing it seems to be slower to everyone since the typing speed varies throughout people. Instead, you can prepare yourself by going to the self tab on top of TS. Here, you will see a red circle that says "Channel Commander". You will be using that as your buzzer button. Click on that to indicate that you have an answer to a question.

4) After hitting your buzzer, it will indicate to us who wants to answer first. So be quick about it. that way, you lock your priority to answer first. Just think of it as the American game, Jepordy ( think that's spelled wrong)

That is how the process works. From there, you just type in your answer.

Good Luck, and hope you get the best scores!

Note: Although we cannot give out credit yet in any way, we will be holding up the scores until a system is added or such.


, formerly known as BAakaTheOne
come join us folks, it should be loads of fun

45 minutes to the beginning of the contest


Status and Winners:
Noshi: 4
Jul10: 3
Kansa: 2
Demogog: 2
Doofus123: 1
BAakaTheOne: 0
Hamasusuke (not a participant): 0
Daft: -Infinity

Congrats to all the winners, and thank you for participating, even though the questions were crazy hard. Please Comment on what to improve on in the teamspeak server thread.
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