Fansub TV's Fansubbing Project

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Fansub TV has started its own fansubbing group. Although our first release is not actually a fansub, we hope that once we find a translator and translator checker we will be able to begin providing the community releases with even better quality, speed, and efficiency. Anyone who is interested or would like to help out please contact Kit-Tsukasa or visit us in the forums HERE for more details.

Without further ado, we bring you our first release: School Days DVD episodes 1 and 2

______________________________Episode 1: Torrent|DDL
______________________________Episode 2: Torrent|DDL

______________________________Special thanks to the following users for this release:
______________________________Kit-Tsukasa: Leader, Raw Fetch, and QC
______________________________langes01x: Typeset, Editor, Timer, and Karaoke
______________________________Kansatsusha-sama: Encoder
______________________________AnimeYoshi: Scripts

Please provide comments, feedback, and constructive criticism in this thread HERE!
Not open for further replies.