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Ok I got a couple of albums to recommend for the rockers out there.

First up.

Rise Against- The Sufferer & The Witness.

The main Song to check out off the album is "Pray of the Refugee".
That way you at least know what your getting into.

Up next

Coheed and Cambria-No World for Tomorrow

I love this band. If you can get past the singing style. you will to!

The guitar riffs are lyrical as they are powerful. If your a fan of rock check this band out!
Songs to check out on this album:
Gravemakers and gunslingers
Mother superior
Running Free

Now for the metal head in me(and for the many metal heads around)
ALSO I am not liable for any bleeding of the ears, dying, random mosh pits, excessive head banging,Screaming, or falling off your chair that might occur from the following!

So plz use caution: ALso Don't say I didn't warn you

First up

Winds of plague-Decimate the weak

Now me being me I tend to like my metal as black as my coffee.
This band does not disappoint.
This is one like 1 of 3 metal bands I know that use a Syth to get string sounds.
Songs to check out.
One body too many

Finally Bringing up the rear

Arsis-A Celebration of Guilt

The songs to check out on the album:
The Face of my Innocence
Maddening Disdain

Well thats about it hope you enjoy I know I do.
Let me know what you think.


@ deathafterkarma
do you also happen to listen japanese rock/metal?
If not, I wouldn't mind recommending any earbleed to you either XD


Ok then

Dir en grey
For checking these guys out, I'd recommend Withering to death, Vulgar and Macabre albums
recommended songs:
The Final
Live: Conceived sorrow and Obscure
latest release: Glass Skin

they love heavy bass, I recommend Zekuu and Homurauta albums.
recommended songs:
Daikirai don't mind the baby in the beginning

Live: Bouzenjitsu
latest release: Ageha

Filth in the beauty
live: Discharge
latest release: Leech

Owari to mirai
live: Jarring Fly
latest release: Break down

with a taste of industrial
live: Infection
latest release: Kamikaze

weird outfits
live - Iron cross
Tekken II

Blood Stain Child
Trance metal? XDD They have something In Flame-ish
Silence of Northern hell

X Japan
Can't miss one of Japan's biggest metal band
live: kurenai

hm... I think I'm going to stop for now XD If you need more recommendations, just let me know XD


Lol I still have The dir en grey album.. Gauze.. I forgot I had it..

now time to get the other albums..

Now Girugämesh I liked
I'm working on acquiring them now.

thanks for the recommendations.


8 bands and you only liked 2?! XDD
not satisfying!! >8D I'll spam more tomorrow if you don't give these bands a more proper listen now!


No I am working on acquiring 2 of the 8 bands... tonight.(I should have stated that)
But I did copy the list so.. I'm working on acquiring the rest..
When I set my mind to getting something I get every thing..


Since i`m kinda bored of jaming at the moment i`ll try and recommend some bands for the metalheads out there. Hope there are some cause i didn`t really get to meet anyone who likes this kind of music.

First i`ll start with Elenium. It's an awesome band from Finland but imo nobody heard about them. I found the riffs very interesting. Some say that they play melodic death but imo i can`t label them.

if you want to check more on them go to their main page

Some songs to check: "Up the long ladder" ; "Impostor" ; "The Escalator".

Now comes Gojira .It's one of my favourite bands since 2 years ago. They're from France and they had a huge success in USA from releasing their 3rd album in 2005. IMO they have an unique sound and you really must check them. It's some kind of death metal but as i said with an unique style.

Well imo i would say ALL THE SONGS. They're just awesome
But still i`ll recommend some from each album: "Space Time" ; "Embrace the world" ; "Flying Wales" and the last , from the last album "the way of all flesh".

And since it's playing now i`ll say some words about Hatecraft . They're from Rusia ( zomfg ) , one of the few bands from that country that i am aware of.

Don`t have lots of songs from Hatecraft but check "Fear of life & terror of death" out.

this is for the metalheads only; if you're not into this kind of music don't check them up cause it'll be bad for your health

Hope this helped someone

And sorry for not finding smaller album covers


if there is any drum player around here that exists please PM me


~ Person who asks random questions randomly ~
Fufufuu~ decided to even listen too lots of more music and add them to my collection, Im thinking someone Giving me some reccomendationto to some Nice J-Music maybe Techno/dance/trance, pop, rock or some RnB of somesorts Thx In advance

PS: just PM it to me >.<


New Member
Well i had heard a song on FTV recently , song something ' when nothing makes you feel good , when walking we are all alone ' i dont remember the lyrics.

Please if someone knows about this song , please let me know the singer or the site where i can get the lyrics of this song.

I might have posted the wrong lyrics , please correct me , because even i am not sure about this. Well please help me with this out..

Thank you.


Has anyone listened to "Post rock"?

Its an instrumental genre filled with epic crescendos and calm swings.
It may take a while to get used to if you aren't into any instrumental stuff(I originally disliked the songs, until I heard the more epic ones which I posted below).

Bands of this genre I'd recommend:

God is an Astronaut

If you liked those songs..
Similar bands include:
Explosions in the Sky
Red Sparowes


this is song i need identifying its from tv show ghost whisperers that play in the episode the vanishing in season 1 where girl dances with her dead boyfriend on football field can u tell me the name of the song and artist

please thank you


Has anyone mentioned Flogging Molly, The Levellers, The Elders, or Shane MacGowan/The Pogues?



hey i trying to find this song but i know few of lyric

it called some words in lyric say redemption and you like a hurricane i think it by disturb but dont know the name can u help me

Little red

My favourite ban are the counting crows. They are pretty massive in the us but not so much here in the uk. Went to see them last year, was epic. Any other fans on here?


Alright i heard a song from one of my old amv but i dont know the song name

but i know the lyric

Its how could the one i gave my dream to take my dream from me how could u be so cold to me when i gave you everything

do you know the title of the song


/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ being M
Hey guys, I've been reliving Bebop's Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts and i was looking for more of that jazz and blues action. Songs sounding similar to the ones in the Bebop OSTs. I've been listening to Jimi Bruno etc. and i was wondering if anyone can recommend any good jazz bands. [damn miss the seatbelts]


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People who like jrock might like this band from Japan - The Birthday.

My favorite song of theirs is Ai ni nuritsubuse. I found it to be a happy song. Do view it on youtube.

The way their music plays makes them in the same group as Guns and Roses for me.