How to make Videos your Desktop Background.


Okay back when Windows Vista Ultimate was introduced there was a nifty tool that allowed you to set .wmv or .mpeg as desktop backgrounds.

The utility is called Dream Scene.

Please note that CPU Usage will increase due to the video wallpaper when you are idle, when you are doing anything takes the full screen the video will pause and then resume when your desktop is in view.

For Windows 7 Users.

There is a patch for both 32 and 64bit Windows 7, google "Dreamscene Windows 7"

For both 32bit and 64bit Windows Vista Users

google "Dreamscene Windows Vista patch"

*Windows Aero MUST be enabled for dreamscene to work.
*If your icon text becomes transparent set the desktop background to FILL.
*Your computer must be restarted for it to take effect.

The patch basically places .dll files into your system32 and creates a new drop-down menu option called Set As Desktop Background whenever you right click on a wmv/mpeg file.

Now your good to go, so go cut/encode your favorite anime scenes as your desktop background =D

There is also many stunning dreamscene backgrounds that are not anime related on the net.

Now go have some fun with your desktop!


-プリムラ こいびと
you do that and say goodbye to your system resources and hello to sluggish computer


- Lord of Chaos
Actually, Kansa, I have found that Dreamscenes do not really hurt your performance much at all so long as you are running on a decent computer. I used it back in Vista before I upgraded my RAM (had 3GB), and I've used it in Windows 7 both before and after I upgraded my RAM (now running 4GB) and I didn't notice any performance differences. This isn't to say that it doesn't use more resources than using a static background, but that the amount of resources used is not noticeable.
One thing to point out is that Dreamscenes automatically pause when any application is opened fullscreen, which for most users is basically whenever they do ANYTHING (this includes having your internet browser or e-mail client maximized, as well as having any video full screen). So during such times, having an animated background hurts your resources no more than a static one. When you don't have an application full-screen you usually aren't using an application that requires much resources, so even if Dreamscene does hit your resources hard, you wouldn't notice too much of a difference.
Also note that if you aren't running a full screen application, you can also right-click on your desktop and choose to pause dreamscene, thus 'freeing up' used resources if you are noticing a hit and need the resources.

Basically, if you have a decent computer (say, dual-core 2.6+GHz, 3+GB of RAM) you wont notice a difference.

Personally, I really liked having dreamscenes. They were both cool to look at (and show off xD) as well as fairly calming depending on what you chose (say, a beach scene with wind lightly blowing through the palm trees and waves gently moving up and down the beach).
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