Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

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I did not find any topic in regard to this wonderful anime here so I thought I'd start it.
If one does exist, please redirect me there and feel free to delete this one I guess. >.<

Auu~ this anime started off, as any other, without any greater commitment to any of the characters from the aspect of the viewer, such as myself, but in time grew to become something that enclosed my very soul into its plot and evolution of characteristics!

When the actual plot started to finally kick in, after many a doubtfull moment of sadness, bitterness, doubt, and a faint whim of hopelessness, the sun started to dawn upon my heart as it started to turn in the totally right direction! ^^,
The more the series strived toward its final climax the more I started to recognize Yosuga no Sora within the main characters and their daily struggles.
Oh, how it pushed down on my heart like a hammer when I realized that Chisato-chan was the very same as poor Sora-chan except the sibling part. Auu~ everything started to come back to me, all the tragedy, the drama, the feelings of defeat, and all the tears that once flooded my eyes and drowned my heart caused by the broken heart of Sora-chan returned to me in the most brisk of moments when I started to see Chisato-chan and Sora-chans connection! >_<*

I must say that I did enjoy the ending and the suspense that this anime brought forth in contrast to Yosuga no Sora. This one had me really by its firm, iron grip through the last episodes! I wasn't able to turn my eyes away for even a second, less yet be able to pause between the episodes! All because of all the tension and suspense developing and reaching its climax through the ending of the series!
Of course I am only talking in generic terms as I don't want to spoil this great series for anyone who has yet to see it lest they would feel disappointed. But I have to say that there is always something coming in the way to somehow drag you down and draw you away from the true goal of your heart while following the anime. But this one failed to do that! My dreams and wishes were totally granted when it ended! Everything I wanted to happen did occur and my heart was filled with joy, and still is! As well as my face has been granted with the greatest of smiles which will last me through this whole day! The tears running down my cheeks right now are purely out of joy, nothing more or less!

The feelings I've witheld have changed through the course of this series, as almost any other, though in the end I feel my heart ended up in the right place!

This anime was totally fantastic, and if there isn't one already, I do really, really, really wish for a second season to air as soon as possible!! ^^,

I have to say that this is the first anime I can give a clean 10/10 to as everything went exactly how I wanted it to where many others have failed on a minor feat so many times! The only change I would have loved to see would be if our two protagonists were siblings instead of merely best childhood friends. But I guess you can't have everything. ^^,

All in all, I am really, really happy after seeing such a wonderful anime! If you haven't you really should watch it yourself! RIGHT NOW! >_<'



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I enjoyed this series considerably, but I'd have to limit my support for it to a 7/10 for how often and how easily it broke my willing suspension of disbelief.

I loved some of the characters, but I don't think we got to see enough of some aspects of them. For example, I'm not sure if it was skimmed over so fast I didn't notice, or if they just legitimately didn't take the time to elaborate on protagonist-kun's relationship with the teacher. It actually doesn't make sense to me that he'd be that close to the teacher without knowing she had a little sister and who she was. I mean, drunk people tend to ramble about anything and everything... if disappointment with her family was a big personal issue, she'd probably be rambling about that constantly.

I also really, really didn't like the way some of the characters were Expy'd from other series. Chisato was Mahou Sensei Negima's Asuna with a slight palette swap - almost unnervingly so, even down to the cosplay later on at the debates. Yaoi stick-kun was the student council VP from Angel beats. There were a few others that seemed blatant at the time that are eluding me right now.

And then there's that whole unrealistic thing about "How powerful and large is this school, anyway, that they control FACTORIES?"

Overall though, I liked it. Even though I think Protagonist-kun ended up with the wrong girl. *grumbles* Doujin novel girl was so much better.

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I have no idea why, or how, but out of the blue they decided to release a thirteenth episode (or maybe one special episode) of KoiChocolate several months after the actual show stopped airing.
Since it didn't seem as any kind of progressive content I am not too sure that there's a second season looming over the horizon. Though I choose to hope for it anyway since it would be the greatest thing ever!!

The episode was more adorable than I ever remembered the rest of the show! I had forgotten just how sweet Chisato-chan was! I might consider rewatching the whole show since it was sooo goooood!

Seriously, watch the thirteenth episode. Watch it now.


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This anime was okay, I really liked Hazuki, the advisor teacher for Shokken. The anime to me felt all over place because I think it tried to satisfy the viewers that had played the original game by sorting of making an ending for each of the girls like Chisato forgiving herself, Hazuki's past and her eventual reconciliation with her younger sister, Michiru finding Kana etc. Doing this made the flow of the anime just plain awkward. However, I did like most of the characters but I felt Satsuki was barely in it, it always seemed like Chisato was everywhere, which can't really be complained about because that's the route the anime was talking whilst making pit-stops at other routes along the way.

It was a little weird for me because of the random cameos of the heroines from a game called "Ima Sugu Oniichan ni Imōto da tte Iitai!" (aka Imaimo), a game made from the original creators of the Chocolate visual novel. I guess it would actually be kind of awesome to see them animated if you had played the Imaimo game.

My score for this anime is 7/10, it wasn't that bad but it wasn't great either.

I'll probably watched the 13th episode today at some point, I kinda wanna watch something else right now.