Mangapodcast Recruitment

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-Snuggle Bunny
Right its as the title says.

Im planning to start up a podcast which talkings specificly about Manga, im sure we will probably digress into other areas but this is for Manga mainly.

I want a few people who enjoy reading manga and are up for discussing them with other like minded people.

I plan for the podcast to be monthly, with a general cast discussing the chapters for OP/Naruto/Bleach since most people have an interest in them and then discuss other seires can be anything except Hentai series' really. Discuss any manga news that any of us can find etc. Ending with a recomendations part. And who knows if this podcast becomes sucessful maybe a questions part where we will get asked questions on anything.

This is just a rough draft of content and stuff like that, but it could probably change once i get more people and start discussing what we want to talk about.

PM if your interested or just reply.