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The Members Tracking System is now updated, and I will put some brief description about it. However, before that, I will describe what is Members Tracking System.

What is Members Tracking System?
Members tracking system is a feature on FTV forum that allows you to know the other members or people's locations. For example, seeing topic, posting, personal messaging, etc. The tracking system will track members and guests who are active within the past 60 minutes.

Where it can be found?
On the main forum, scroll down a bit, and check the "Statistic" box.
You will find "Show detailed by:", and the two options there are the members tracking system.

What's the difference between "Last Click" and "Member Name"?
Last Click: This feature will allow you to track all people (members and guests), who are browsing either the forum or the main website. The list is in chronological order.

Member Name: This feature will show you all the members who are online and where is their last position (either in the forum or main website). The list is in alphabetically order.


I think, that should be covered everything about the basic description about Members Tracking System. Here's the list of locations that are available, and following with a brief description.

* Registering...
Guest is registering to become member of FTV.

* Logging in...
Member is on the log in page, to log in to FTV

* Browsing Website
Shows that member's or guest's location is on the main website.

* Series (The description colour is brown)
That member or guest is browsing a series of anime on the main page. Probably, seeing the episodes that are already available or the desciption of the anime. The series is shown in brown.

* Episode (The description colour is green)
That member or guest is browsing a specific episode of anime. There is a possibility that he/she is downloading that episode, but our tracking system cannot track download yet, so it is only possibility. The episode is shown in green.

* Video (The description colour is blue)
That member or guest is streaming or viewing the youtube video on the main page. The video is shown in blue.

* Viewing Forums (also known as "viewing the board index" before)
That member or guest is viewing the main forum.

* Viewing Online List
That member or guest is using the Members Tracking System (either, "Last Click" or "Member Name")

* Viewing Stats
The member or guest is viewing the list of FTV Leaders, FTV Team, and Sempais.

* Viewing Members List
That member or guest is viewing the list of registered members in FTV. Can be viewing the "Overall top 10 posters" or "Today's top 10 posters", too.

* Viewing Members Profile
That member or guest is viewing the other member's profile.

* Contacting member via email
This feature is only for member, which means that he/she is send an email to other member.

* Using Personal Messenger
This is only available for members. Means that he/she is using the private message (PM) feature to contact other member.

* Using User CP
This is another feature that is only available for members. This means that he/she is using his/her own control panel. Members can upload avatar or signature using the CP.

* Forum (The description colour is purple and it is italic)
That member or guest is viewing a section in the forum. The section is shown in purple and italic.

* Posting in Forum (The description is in purple and it is italic)
This is similar with seeing the forum section. However, that member or guest is posting at that section (but the thread is unknown), instead of only browsing it. The section is shown in purple and italic.

* Topic (The description colour is gold and it is in italic)
That member or guest is viewing a specific thread. The thread is shown in gold and italic.

-. For "Series", I use the red colour, instead of brown. Since, we don't have red colour on the colour list that is available.
-. For "Topic", I also use orange instead of gold, for the same reason.

Thanks to:
Daft27: Who updates the Members Tracking System like now, and I think we have the best Members Tracking System on the net now. ^^
Bold: Who also has the same opinion with me that this description is needed, and also give me some ideas.
Noshi: She also thinks that the description on Members Tracking System is needed.
Kansatsusha-sama: Who helps me a lot to complete this description.
You: Who spends your worthy time to read this description.

Without all of you, I might not able to complete this description. So again, Arigatou-gozaimazu...

I might have missed some locations, so if you encounter "new" location that is not mentioned above please PM me, or other moderators.

Last but not least, if there are any questions regarding the Members Tracking System, feel free to contact me or other moderators.
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