Nagi no Asukara

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I have to say that Manaka reminds me a lot of Menma from AnoHana! To a degree that it's almost frightening nostalgic!
The poor girl seem to live a rough life with not too many friends, and the one who seem closest to her is a douchebag and makes her cry. =(
On top of that she has to start a new school and she gets fished up by Mr. Nihilism-on-land himself! AND...some sort of demi-god wanted to get funky with her! She's surrounded by idiots! One can nothing but feel sorry for her. =(
I hope this will become a good drama and that she eventually will persevere.


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Okay, episode two has somewhat progressed with this intricate story.

It would seem that Hikari has a great thing for Manaka. But he has a really hard time showing it through the massive amounts of jealousy he portraits. He continues to give poor, cute Manaka a real rough time because of himself, and also makes her feel bad and at fault for his behaviour. He's a general douchebag!

The bluehaired girl who has taken the part of watching over the others seem to have a thing for Hikari. Despite her awareness of how he treats the ones he care about and what kind of person he is.
She also seem torn between the feelings of wanting Manaka around, for Hikari's sake, since she wants him to be happy. But also she'd want Manaka to flee up to the surface so she'll have Hikari for herself.
It's really a strange three-way - really bad - relationship. At least that's how it looks through my eyes.

The guy...the mysterious fourth rider of the sea-apocalypse. He's so far a mystery! He doesn't do too much to draw awareness to himself and he's quite comfortable in the background so far. I bet he's plotting something grand and is in reality a evil mastermind of sorts. -__-*

For conclusion, we have Mr. Apathy-on-land. He acts as mundane and careless as ever. Not possessing one single emotion. I'm sure he's a robot. And I've not grown found of him at all because of his careless personality. He doesn't act like a douchebag, but it seems he doesn't act out of own accord but rather follows a programmed schedule of excpected actions.

And the visuals are beautiful! This anime is amazingly gorgeous! I love it so much because of just that! =D


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It seems they've started blowing everything out of proportion in this episode.
Everyone suddenly talks about marriage, and when someone do, everyone else freaks out!
It seems that common opinion is that one can't have a ordinary relationship without having to marry one another. Saying anything else causes great commotion! It would also seem that bitter old fisherman is originated from the sea, and that revelation came like a shock, which is way blown out of proportion since it's not that uncommon that the sea-people tread up on land.

Everyone seem too super-serious about everything suddenly, which is only really annoying. -___- The drama escalated in this episode. Plus there are mixed feelings about this Mr. Apathy-on-land becoming one of the crew. I don't trust that guy nor his old man.

I'm starting to worry about the turn of events this show probably will present us with.


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I guess I'm the only one watching this show.
Too bad. Because it is really good!


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it is great
i love it i am waiting to finish it


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I honest to god, just watched all 26 episodes in one go. It was that amazing and throughout the series I kept on saying "feels" in the back of my head as I felt the pain, the love, the anguish, everything....this series made me feel.

It was brilliant and I couldn't hate any of the characters, I didn't like Tsumugu at first but that changed very early on. Certain things I didn't expect like Chisaki being in love with Tsumugu.

I was shocked to see that Muina would play such a huge part of the story and I am so glad that she did, I loved her character. I adore Miuna's seiyuu, Mikako Komatsu, I commend her portrayal of Miuna, it was excellent.

This series definitely made me feel the sensation of having something stuck at the back of the throat or when you throat feels extremely dry. I didn't really shed any tears but I always felt like I had a ready-made tear at the corner of my eyes. This show was not heart-warming but heart-wrenching at the same time.

I am satisfied with the series and I appreciate the ending.

This is one of the best anime series I have ever watched to put it frankly and deservedly gets my 10/10 score with all my heart.