Poetry Writing and Etc.


Hey guys, it's Hama, asking for help.

Well recently my English teacher has assigned us a total of 8 types of poems to write:
1) Shakespearean Sonnet with Iambic Pentameter
2) Ode
3) Free-verse
4) Alliteration
5) Lyrical
6) Children/Nursery
7) Pastoral
8) Villanelle

So yeah, in this topic I'd like to shoot out different questions as I progress through it within the next two weeks.

The first question is Iambic Pentameters. Would it be just as right to use it as this:

For her to see and love the stars tonight,
And leave thy heart the mind common to none,
Believe in eyes so small and yet so bright,
That shines and sparks and tells the clouds begone.

Or is there a misconception that I've been using with Shakespeare's particular way of writing sonnets?

Oh and I'm writing this sonnet in dedication to my girlfriend

EDIT: Gah. NVM, not enough time for input anymore. Besides, without this I still get an A in the class and my teacher's... apple.
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