Recent Thread Lockings: ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ!

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As of September 14/15, 2007, some of you may have noticed, the Fansub TV Team has recently locked a few threads particularly in the Anime Section of the forum, including the following:

Current Lockdowns:
-Tsubasa Chronicle Season 3 thread in Anime Section. **Reopened as TRC Tokyo Revelation Arc**
-Naruto thread in manga section ---- Will NOT be reopened (PM noob for further details)
-Moetan May remain locked indefinetely
-OverDrive **Same reason as Moetan thread

The reason for these lockdowns are due to several forum rules constantly being broken even after several warning given by various mods. Currently these threads will remain locked until we feel that members can handle discussions properly within these threads. This could mean days, weeks, or even months if we feel that is the length of time required for members to understand what we did wrong.

The following are some of the rules that were constantly broken throughout the currently and formerly locked threads:
This includes but not limited to the following: announcing episode "x" was just released with no REAL or MEANINGFUL discussion added, off-topicness, one/two line posts, repeating other people's ideas constantly, etc... If something is already mentioned, DO NOT REPEAT IT WHETHER ITS A QUESTION OR A STATEMENT. PEOPLE CAN READ AND SO SHOULD YOU!!! Also, common sense, if something is a fact, don't try to argue around it. It gets the discussion off-topic and ends up counting as spam. It's pointless to fight the truth
EDIT: Don't answer questions that were asked month(s) ago. They most likely have been answered already by the user or another user. Unless the original user asks the question again or states the question has not yet been answered, don't answer it.

Particularly with the School Days thread, although everyone hates a particular character, there is no need to repetitively use inappropriate language. This also goes for repeating the fact that a certain character should go die. If it's mentioned, DON'T SAY IT AGAIN! Reminder this is a friendly forum/community, so let's be a little more sophisticated rather than acting like a bunch of 10 year olds who have a limited vocabulary.

-Licensed Series
This really can't be stressed enough and EVERYONE should be well informed that Bleach is a licensed series. Therefore, don't be dumb and ask where to get it and for those who know where, don't mention it. It's very simple, just don't give links and don't tell the name of those who fansub ANY licensed series. This applies to all series and MFI works as well.

More and more series lately are based off hentai PC or console games. However, that does not mean that the game material can't be discussed. What cannot be discussed though is where to get the original game. Requesting and/or giving links is STRICTLY prohibited.

-Episode Releases
First things first is Fansub TV does not fansub series. We host unlicensed fansubs for direct download. Second, announcing when an episode is released is/will be considered as spam. At least make a MEANINGFUL comment that will spark logical discussion in the thread. Third, asking WHEN a fansub will be released is plain rude. Fansubbers are human and therefore have daily lives. Do not expect fansub groups to release episodes on a regular basis as it is NOT EXPECTED of them to. They are fansubbing voluntarily and should not be pestered or flamed at for slow[/crappy] releases.

The 4 above are the main concerns brought up in each thread so far. Therefore, please consider these as well as the other forum rules before making a post into any thread. The Forum Rules apply to ALL threads and forum sections, hence the name.

If any duplicate threads are made after a lockdown, they will be immediately locked/deleted and the user will receive a warning. When we lock a thread there is a reason behind it and if affects all users including those who did not do anything wrong in the first place. Therefore, take this into consideration and help each other out by making sure users continue to follow the forum rules.

Because this is now a forum-wide warning, mods now reserve the right to lock ANY thread at ANY time without warnings (if we feel generous we may put a warning and leave it unlocked) if necessary or if users continue to break the forum rules within the thread. In addition, we also reserve the right to delete any post(s) we deem as falling into any of the above categories without any advance or post notice. DO NOT REPOST AS IT WILL JUST GET DELETED AGAIN!

All threads are being monitored from now on (Anime/Manga Section)

In addition to the rules, we know that new anime series are coming up this following October. All members are expected to present a mannered behavior in these threads, those including:
-Not whining about when the subs are going to be released.
-Respect the opinions of others.
-Using common sense.
-Not spoiling.
Of course, we will be monitoring those too.

Note that this warning from the team applies to ALL Sections of the forum and not just specifically to the Anime Section.


If you have any questions, please contact any of the Mods.
Not open for further replies.