[RESOLVED]fansubbers wanted for fandub group

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I'm not quite sure if this actually belongs/is allowed here, but it seemed to follow the forum rules. ( If it isn't allowed, I apologize and I will clear the thread asap.)

I am part of a fandub group of 5 people from Voice acting alliance. We need some translators who will be able to fansub the Tales of Symphonia OVA which will be coming out later this year. I would prefer to do it this way, because most people just take the script from fansubs without asking and I would rather not do that.

Be apt at fansubbing preferably with experience
Being part of a group is not at all necessary but helpful
Know japanese well and is able to understand formal and informal japanese.
Have enough time to fansub as soon as the RAW comes out, so I need to know I have good communication with the fansubber so a script can be arranged as quickly as possible.

Our website address is:


For an example of our work go here:


If your interested please reply.