Salarymen of the Dead: FTV Style

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-Snuggle Bunny
Right its simple were going to create our own zombie appocolypse tail
Using FTV members!

Right the story is simple. Its a Zombie Apocolypse! And all of FTV are working in a huge 50 floored office building. And we all work there in a cubicle each (roughly 30 cubicles to a floor not nessiasrily all in the same room) each floor also has the usualy stuff like washrooms etc).

Anyway your mission is simple your Mr FTV a new member to the FTV workforce. On your first day a zombie outbreak hits and its your job to gather up FTV members, survive, escape. (Oh and find weapons of ANY kind). And posts need to be a couple of sentences minimum

Remember this is only a bit of fun, not to let your personal views of other members judge your additions, kill of anyone you wish, but beware those memebers can come back to bite your head off. Cuuring people is allowed provided you justify it with fuzzy logic, eg cutting of body parts imidiatly affter bitting kinda stuff. Regarding Zombies, standard zombies, alerted by sound and smell of blood. Runners providd they are few in number or the situation calls for it
Oh and have fun

@Mods if you see this as a game then please move it to games, i made it here since i dont see it as a game, plus it means more people will se it and hopefully post here

@Everyone: I approve of this thread.
PS- How's the whole jail thing working out for you dude? Got your internet setup already? Awesome pawesome. Keep on posting. Keep us posted with how your jail life is progressing.


Zman enters the arena. All these noise out doors seems to be a bad rush hour. Tired after reading so many posts and anime, i decide to grab some food and go back my cubicle(it seems i dont have much off life. it would be too much tiresome to write)in the way to the food machine i see doofus walking around whif a human leg. i pass by him and think that i seriusly need some sleep i grab some potatos, the machine does some noise and i go back to my cubicle to eat and sleep, while on my way back doofus starts to get pissed whif the food machine. i enter my cubicule and eat and sleep.