Saturday Night Live Time Poll

Which of these times would work best for you?

  • 22:00 PST [GMT-8]

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  • 21:00 PST [GMT-8]

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  • 20:00 PST [GMT-8]

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  • 19:00 PST [GMT-8]

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  • 18:00 PST [GMT-8]

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  • Other- State your reason

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  • Any Time would work (Specicially those in the pacific area)

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  • Total voters


This is pertaining to the Saturday Night Live event. Please choose your best time. We will then accumulate what time is best. for more information, visit: This Thread


Oh yes, this is excellent.
Thank you very much Hama!

I also know that there are european and asian members in here, but as to relief you, i'll be staying up all night long just to host this. I'll really put some work in the program so i am hoping everything will be to your liking.


, formerly known as BAakaTheOne
on that particular weekend I think I can be on between:
Saturday: 12:00 - 22:00 (maybe 23:00) GMT (by subtracting 8 we get: 4 AM - 2-3 PM PST)
Sunday: 7-8 AM GMT - 10 PM GMT (from 11 PM Saturday or midnight PST time)


I voted for "Any Time would work (Specicially those in the pacific area)" I'm not even sure but I guess you can basically tell an exact time and I'll try to show up.. I'm flexible with blending to set timing unless something unexpected comes up..


Fansub TV Team
20:00 PST would be my favourite,but actually any time would be fine by me since it´s weekend.I just hope I don´t have to work.


i've voted on the 20:00 hours one. works a little better for me around those hours so i just picked one but anytime might be good if its in the afternoon for me around 01~09pm gmt-5 ill just try to be on to have sum night live fun ^^


- Lord of Chaos
It's a necromancer!!
Congrats on reviving a thread that started back at the beginning of the year and died on Feb 6th (Nightdragon revived it temporarily on July 28th). Saturday Night Live was supposed to have started back on February 17; but the event was canceled. That said, I don't think your vote will be taken into consideration...

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