Tablet question


Well first of I have been a pencil drawer for awhile and thou while my art is not good I think it is ok but i plan on improving and though i should try a tablet. I got a table and all but I think I need a little help

I am currently using photo shop to do my drawing but for some reason I just can't get the right adjustments in. I tried using the pencil but that is garbage, so I have been using the brush and was just wondering what type of settings do you put on your brush to make it look like a natural pencil
. If you know what I am trying to say I would appreciate your advice if you do not say so and ill try to rephrase it. Thanks for reading.


Photoshop is a real pain for that type of stuff. I usually tend to do my photoshop doodles in a 1024x768 pixel canvas. I you draw in a different resolution it might look a bit different. In the brush presets I will select a soft brush usually the 17 pixel one and manually resize it to around 3 pixel or lower. In the brush tip shape menu drag the hardness down to 0% and the spacing 20%-25%. This is what I normally use. You will just have to play around with the setting until you find something that you are truely comfortable with. If you are focusing on just drawing you might want to check out programs like Open Canvas and Paint Tool Sai. They are better for drawing in my opinion.


alright cool thank for the help it was useful. A lot easier in open canvas than photoshop. Thank you for the help


You can't really compare Photoshop to using your hands... The difference in pencil and brush is that the pencil replaces ALL the pixels touched to the color you set. The brush is customizable. to do the samething with the brush you need hardness and flow at 100%. If you don't, which is usually more desired, you need to go over and over where you've colored. The good thing about the brush is that it's feathered, if you select it. This means that the edges of where it is to be painted is faded.

You can't master photoshop from a simple post, so I suggest you watch a video. You can just type in anime art in youtube or something and you'll see a super fast video on people using photoshop or paint or what not to paint with.


Most people don't even bother with trying to draw straight onto Open Canvas or SAI; they'd hand-draw it on a paper and then scan it onto their computer so they can "ink" the lines and continue what they wanted to do (Inking, CGing, manipulation, etc.). Without having to scan an image up, I'd say it just depends on the type of tablet you have, and how you're. doing it. Wacom's Intuos 3 series are often a good choice (for the moderately bigger sizes) because it just looks like a sheet of paper with the rubbing texture like a standard paper.

Also, if your tablet is right, it should be pressure-sensitive, so depending on how hard you press down on your pen, the tablet should define the density of the brush just like that. Intuos I believe is a 768-pressure point tablet, while a bamboo is a 512-pressure point. The higher the number, the more densities you can vary with without having to adjust it on your program.

My tablet's somewhat small (Wacom Bamboo Fun, Medium) but doing it in portions works well as long as you define the brush to your exact needs. What tablet are you using at the moment?
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