what are you doing?

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I've had my head neck deep in trying to build a database app for one of my game projects. It's taking longer than it should since I don't know much about how to do it and am having to figure out what I'm doing as I go, but it's slowly coming together.

Also been working on a new tabletop RPG setting for a game I DM on Sundays, which has been crazy fun. So far the setting is over the top, taking place in a large victorian era esque steampunk city established 800 years ago by an alliance of Oni-styled orc and human clans who needed to band together to fend off C'thulu worshipping High Elven Vikings. Building an industrial magitek/steampunk city has been loads of fun, and a pretty good way to blow off steam. Right now my players are dealing with a complicated mystery plot that doesn't make much sense yet, but it has resulted in some heavy hitters in the city's political world moving resources around, sent large underground organizations in hiding, and started an escalating series of gang wars in the lower and underground parts of town.

Also playing PSO2, enjoying some of the shows the past few seasons. My backlog is growing, sadly. I need to get caught up on Bakarina, I've been enjoying the Manga for that, but I'm still only on ep 2 of the anime.


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As usual currently active on the Azur Lane Official discord, and playing my gatcha games I am still currently playing on my phone.