Your own Air Gear Stormrider Team Name

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- Sky King
People might view this thread as a spammy-duplicate of the "Your Own Ninja Name" thread with a different theme but really I've created this thread for several reasons: -

1.) I love Air Gear, the manga is amazing and probably the most enjoyable one I've ever read...its typical shounen brillance.

2.) I've been thinking of making a short doujin series for Air Gear, involving a secondary "main" Stormrider team, I've currently only finished a plot summary for a few chapters with the help of the other members.

3.) I also want to find how out many Air Gear fans there are within this forum site, I know some wouldn't bother with this thread but I would at least get a rough estimate.

4.) To see all sorts of wacky and crazy names made up by fellow FTV members.

To Mods and Sempais, if you feel that this thread is unnecessary, inappropriate to be in the "General Discourse" section, would you please at least move this thread to the "Anime" section. Thank you.

Ah, also another 2 factors that played a part in getting myself into the Air Gear mood lately: -

(1.) I read a post by a FTV member named Stormriderikki at 11th March 2007: -

QUOTE Im making my own stormrider team and my own ats out of scratch.......they will be free at first for who ever is on my team........our team name is Crimson Forest....
Get back to me if u wanna join at:
[email protected] (just copy and paste) 

(2.) A link to the Air Gear 2nd OST: "Who Wants More Groovy Trick!!" that was put up in the "Anime Music Thread" by my friend, DSLoli, I shall also put that exact link in this thread as well: -

Air Gear Soundtrack2-Who Wants More Groovy Tricks

Okay, now for my contribution I shall call my Stormrider Team (if I ever get one..that is
), TEAM RavaStorm, there's actually a bit of a history behind this name...which is currently classified information..hehe!!


-Jigoku Sensei
If this thread turns into either a useless or a spam thread i will close it without hesitation.

My AT Team name: Kuro Dragons (Black Dragons) maybe i will post some kind of team discription later on.


- Lord of Chaos
Heh, my team name would either have to be The Immortals (old name for guilds used by my friends and I through various games and the like) or The Fallen Angels.


I'd call it 50 Stars or Whiteshadow coz' 50 stars is how many stars america has, and i just like stars
and you can't get a white shadow so the emblem would look pretty whacked to say the least!

Anybody know anymore info as if to a 2nd season is in prodcution?


Seraphim Sanctuary or just plain old Seraphim
It's an old name I've carried around from guild to guild, from group to group...

and like the last post, I'm also wondering if 2nd season is in production...


So this thread wouldn't fall under the Air Gear anime thread?

Anyways, my team would be called "Hidden Shadows"

I have no idea why I would name my team like thatXD I just decided to make up something off the top of my head rather than plagarize from something.

If I did plagarize, my team would be called: "Twilight Brigade", "Hidden Leaf", "S.O.S. Brigade", etc.

If I can think of a better name, I'll post here later...


Dragon-Of-Rune beat me to mine, in a way. I have a thing for dragons, so mine would be the Golden Dragons.
Perhaps the Wailing Wraiths would work too.

And SuperSawyers , unless Puerto Rico has become a state without me hearing of it, America has 50 stars. >_>;


- Sky King
Okay, I got another cool name "BloodLust", the reason I probably came up with this is that I'm absorbed in playing the Tsukihime PC game...sheer brillance.


Oh dear :S got the number wrong! i really should stop using the number pad and use the numbers near the top of the keyboard instead
Think i may have just got it wrong aswell anyway
I think i'd choose a new name... something like... Aurorus


My AT team would be Spirals.

It just popped out from my head. XD


New Member
Black Cross Syndicate


The creation of one's own stormrider team is entrancing as well. I got it picked out already. The name of the team would be "Obstruction". The symbol would be a hand sticking outwards with the character(s) needed to spell it on the palm in an over the top color. Our purpose would be to try to fight for what we need in order to work our way the top. Headed by Damien Stryker - " The Poet" - a nickname earned through his fluid riding style and specialty maneuver, "Soul Side Glide 360". This maneuver encompasses taking a rail and completing a sole grind while spinning mid-grind and re-attaching one's self to the rail that they were on first. An easy maneuver but still complex to those who have never seen it.

I'd imagine that we were one of the many sub-groups held under Behemoth... never really going much farther than that.


I think It translate to "Holy Ground Blade" in Japanese
Everyone would dress in shiny earthen long coats with swords embroded on the shoulders.
I thought about this possiblity before. (I'm such a dork)


- Sky King
WOW....someone resurrected this thread. So I guess I'll go by tradition and write something that is "on-topic".

If I had a new AT Team right now, I would call it Scarlet sounds YUMMY!! XD


QUOTE (JCDRANZER @ Nov 11 2009, 07:44 AM) If I had a new AT Team right now, I would call it Scarlet sounds YUMMY!! XD

Sounds more like a trip to the doctor....