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I suppose I'm alive? :D
Hopefully Yaya and everyone are fine.
Glad to see the Kid, Norren Maiku and Necro are still kinda up and running :3
Hola BB-san!
Not sure if you will get this but I stopped by to take a looksie and your mention of yours truly made me smile. I hope you and yours are well on your side of the world and that by now there are perhaps two heirs to the House of Nioki? ;) Stay safe and stay well!
Anyway, nice to say hello to an old FTV friend after so long. :)
I'm up to my ears in work, but still lurking about. Hoping to get a project finished enough to be worth showing off in coming months.
Still alive folks, just been hunting down Sirens and whatnot on Azur Lane for a bit too long.